Civil Engineering Specification for the Water Industry

In 2010, a national survey was undertaken to elicit comments on how the 6th edition of the specification might be improved. Announcements were made in appropriate publications and comments were invited from the Water Industry.

Taking into account the comments received, CESWI was redrafted and the 7th edition of the Civil Engineering Specification for Water Industry was published in March 2011. The new edition, like the previous editions, is a performance based specification which allows Contractors to decide upon their method of working. The 7th edition has been rewritten to reflect the experience of the UK Water Industry and the contractors since the last edition was published, and includes new standards and working practices, together with new technologies and more sustainable options.

CESWI 7 reflects the water industry's requirement for comprehensive, universal and relevant specifications for civil engineering contracts. It applies in England, Wales and Scotland and remains a valuable foundation document for use throughout the UK Water Industry.


  • Materials
  • Excavation, backfilling and restoration
  • Concrete and formwork
  • Construction of pipelines, tunnels and ancillary works
  • Building works Testing and disinfection
  • Roadworks Sewer and water mains renovation
  • Tunnelling and shaft sinking work

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