WRc Approved

WRc Approved LogoThe 'WRc Approved' Scheme helps manufacturers demonstrate the performance of their products. Quality, performance and installation issues are all covered in the assessment of the product or service.

1. What is WRc Approved?

'WRc Approved' is an independent technical view on whether a product is fit to do the job for which it is claimed or a contractor is fit to provide a specified service.

Products and services submitted for approval are assessed by WRc against an existing technical specification (e.g. Water Industry Specification) or an assessment schedule drafted up for the specific product or service.

Products and services, which have been awarded a 'WRc Approved' certificate, are eligible to use the 'WRc Approved' logo in their marketing.

'WRc Approved' is not the same as approval under the Water Regulations ('WRAS Approval' or 'DWI Approval')

2. Key features of the scheme
  • Confidentiality
    Many of the products submitted for testing are pre-market place and require complete confidentiality throughout the assessment process. All assessments are carried out in confidence with the assessment schedule become public only on successful completion of the approval.
  • Technical competence
    The most appropriate member of WRc's technical staff will be selected to carry out the assessment. Many projects require a range of skills from our multi-disciplinary team.
  • Independence
    Based on its considerable knowledge of water industry requirements and operations and through its independence from manufacturers, contractors and water companies, WRc is able to take an objective and unbiased view on product performance.
  • Certificate
    Each company that successfully completes an assessment for a specific product is awarded a certificate. This can be used in promoting the product.
3. Find out more about the Scheme?

Visit www.wrcapproved.com.

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